Paessler PRTG SMS notifications – integration manual

Here we describe how to use SMSEagle for Paessler PRTG sms notifications.

See also a detailed integration tutorial made by Paessler Team available in: Paessler Knowledgebase


SMSEagle Setup

Create a new user in SMSEagle.


PRTG Setup

I. Setup Notification Delivery settings

1. In the PRTG web interface, open Setup > System Administration > Notification Delivery Settings

prtg sms 1

2. In the SMS Delivery section

  • Set Configuration Mode to: Enter a custom URL for a provider not listed
  • Set Custom URL to:

In the string above replace:

  • url-of-smseagle with IP Address of your SMSEagle device
  • username with username you created in Step: SMSEagle Setup.
  • password with password you created in Step: SMSEagle Setup.

3. Save your settings

II. Setup SMS Notification and Test it

1. In the PRTG web interface, open Setup > Account Settings > Notifications

2. Click on the Add new notification button

prtg sms
  • In the Send SMS/Pager Message section, enter the Recipient Number.
    The number should be in internal format, without leading + sign, for example: 44555123456 for a DE mobile number (if your mobile operator requires + sign in a telephone number put 00 instead).
  • You can leave the default Message
  • Save your settings

3. Test:
In the list of all notifications, click on the Test button next to your new SMS notification to initiate a test SMS.
You should receive an SMS text message on the number you just entered.

Note: Test messages still contain unresolved variable names.