Zabbix sms alerts – integration manual

Here we describe how to use SMSEagle for Zabbix sms alerts.


SMSEagle Setup

Create a new user for this script in SMSEagle.


Zabbix Setup

1. Download latest version of Zabbix script from our repository:

2. Edit following lines in the script:

//Set the following three values:
$smseagle_ip     = "";
$login           = "smseagleuser";
$password        = "smseaglepassword";

3. Put the script in the directory, you specified in the zabbix_server.conf, key AlertScriptsPath:
#Location for custom alert scripts AlertScriptsPath=/etc/zabbix/alertscripts
and make sure that it’s executable (chmod 755 cli_smseagle.php).

4. Test the script, by running:
./cli_smseagle.php 0048601765432 "Test message"

5. In Zabbix go to Administration > Media Types and add a New Media called cli_smseagle.php, and choose that it’s a script, and enter the filename cli_smseagle.php as the script name.
For Zabbix >= 3.0 you also have to setup parameters: {ALERT.SENDTO}, {ALERT.MESSAGE} :


6. Finally, in Zabbix Administration > Users click on a user, switch to Media tab, and add a New Media called cli_smseagle.php. Enter their phone number, and press Save.