FortiGate SMS notifications – integration manual

Here we describe how to setup FortiGate with SMSEagle for sms notifications.


SMSEagle Setup

FortiGate integration uses Email To SMS plugin (see details: Email To SMS plugin).


FortiGate Setup

  • Email settings

To configure Email setting choose Config -> Advanced from the left menu System.

fortigate sms 1
  1. SMTP server
    The SMTP server is used to send email notifications to users. Enter the address to the SMTP server you want to use. Note that the SMTP server must be able to accept all the email addresses that you are planning to use. This is the primary SMTP server that will normally be used (you can use SMSEagle as SMTP server).
  2. Default reply to
    Enter you email address
  3. Authentication
    Check If your SMTP server requires authentication, enter the username and password in these fields.
  • Additional settings

To configure choose Addmin -> Administrators from the left menu System.

fortigate sms 2

Contact Info Enter email and phone number.

SMSEagle as SMTP Server (optional)

For sending e-mail messages you can use SMTP server installed on the SMSEagle device. Then the configuration of SMTP server is as follows:

  • SMTP host: IP address of your device
  • SMTP port: 25
  • Authentication: SMSEagle SMTP server doesn’t require authentication
  • Encryption: none

Notice: SMTP server on the SMSEagle device will accept messages addressed for it only. The other messages will be rejected.