SMSEagle is a powerful device for sending and receiving SMS messages.
The device also allows sending SMS alerts, notifications and tokens
for controlling your servers and services.

Hardware SMS/MMS Gateway

1) Purchase your SMSEagle
2) Insert your SIM Card into SMSEagle
3) Connect SMSEagle to your computer network

That's so simple! Now you access SMSEagle from a web browser on your computer or from any external system.

How to use it?


Do you want to be sure that you will get your SMS message, even if you have Internet connection problems?

Send SMS directly to GSM/3G/4G network with SMSEagle SMS Hardware Gateway.
Be independent from 3rd party providers. SMSEagle sends SMS messages directly to your cellular operator.
It works even if your Internet connection fails. Our hardware SMS is reliable!

External antenna boosts signal. SMSEagle has a solid external antenna which increases signal reception in server rooms.

SMSEagle SMS Gateway can work in offline environments.

gsm gateway

Easily integrated solution for sending SMS alerts, notifications and tokens from NMS, Auth and any other system

Ready-to-use plugins for over 50 systems.

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Do you need easy API integration for sending/receiving SMS?

We provide you with ready to use source codes to make it easy and efficient. See our code samples in: PHP, Java, C#, VB.Net, Python, Perl, Powershell, etc.

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Do you want to convert email to SMS?

Or SMS to email? Just send an email message to your SMSEagle device. It will be converted to SMS message and delivered to a chosen phone number.

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Do you need dependable services to be calm and certain?
Customer support is a top priority in SMSEagle Team

Do you care about quality?

We do! SMSEagle is hardware and software designed to work together. We manufacture the hardware & software in the European Union with full control over the production process. The hardware is prepared to work even in the toughest temperature and humidity. Our software meets the standards of modern and secure applications with regular releases of security & feature upgrades.

If you care about quality, be sure you choose a reliable solution.

Do you care about your SMS confidentiality?

The device is installed on your premises, so you have full security control over who accesses your device. Messages are sent directly to a cellular operator via 3G/4G modems and do not reach any 3rd party companies.

Do you want to lower SMS costs?

SMSEagle device uses your SIM card. This allows you to have a contract with your own carrier that bests suits you. You can control the costs and adjust your SIM contract to your needs.



Trusted by users around the world

SMSEagle devices are used in more than 90 countries worldwide and the list is constantly growing. Thanks to full waveband coverage of our radio-modules and conformity with worldwide GSM/3G/4G standards, our devices can work in almost every corner of the world. Our devices have been field-proven in hundreds of cellular networks.

Certified Globally

Our devices are tested and certified for most of the global markets: CE, FCC, ISED, UKCA, PTCRB, RCM, IMDA, TDRA, CB Scheme, GCF (for RF-module), carrier certification: Verizon, AT&T*

* Approval levels may vary between devices. Check particular device specifications for an up-to-date approval list

SMSEagle provides you with different messaging type options to best suit your communication needs!

SMSEagle can also itself monitor your network and send you SMS alerts when your services are down.

Control your network 24h/7d and be immediately alerted when something goes wrong.

SMSEagle has modern responsive web-interface.

You have access to SMSEagle from a web browser – on computers, tablets, smartphones. Many devices, many users can access SMSEagle at one time.

Some of our clients

Customer Stories

Discover the successes achieved by the world’s leading businesses, from small organizations to global enterprises, that deployed SMSEagle devices in their operations.


Still Not Convinced? Try free remote access to a demo device and test it yourself!

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