Wake-up Calls & Text-to-Speech Calls

SMSEagle’s Calls feature offers both Wake-Up Calls for urgent ring-only alerts and Text-To-Speech Automated Calls to convert text messages into voice calls, allowing you to reach designated numbers or phonebook entries effectively.

The Calls feature allows making wake-up calls (ring only) and text-to-speech calls to a single phone number or group of recipients.  This feature is ideal for delivering urgent messages or announcements, such as alerts, emergency notifications, or other time-sensitive information. A call request can be created via SMSEagle web-GUI or API.

Wake Up Calls (Ring only)

Wake up call is a ring-only call that can be used to capture a recipient’s attention. This feature allows for example to wake up someone during the night to draw attention to SMS containing a critical alert. When a wake up call is made SMSEagle device will ring to a specified phone number or phonebook entry for a specified number of seconds.

Text-To-Speech (TTS) Automated Calls

Text-To-Speech call allows converting of text message to voice call. This feature is particularly useful for businesses or organizations that must deliver important automated messages via voice. When a TTS call is made SMSEagle device will call a specified phone number or phonebook entry and text message will be read by a built-in voice synthesizer (currently the English language is supported by voice synthesis).

In New call window you can set:

  • Contact or group from Phonebook or manual input
  • Which modem to call from (when using a multi-modem device)
  • Set call priority from 0-5
  • Select call type, Ring only or Text to speech
  • Input message when Text to speech call type is selected

Important notice:
Wake-up Calls and Text to Speech Calls functions are only available to users who have purchased the VOICE add-on for their SMSEagle device. Due to technical limitations, the Text to Speech (TTS) function is only available on NXS hardware Rev. 4 and MHD-8100-4G devices.

Do you want to learn more?

For more detailed description of this feature, please refer to the User's Manual or talk to an SMSEagle Expert. We'll be happy to help!