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What is hardware SMS gateway?

SMS Gateway Hardware Explained. Learn what is hardware SMS gateway, how it compares to an online SMS gateway, and how it is used in everyday scenarios.

Hardware SMS Gateway vs. Online SMS Gateway

Hardware SMS Gateways and Online SMS Gateways are two options for businesses and organizations to send and receive SMS messages. Here we compare the key differences between these two options to help you determine which solution is best for your business needs.

SMS and RCS – What to expect in the coming decade?

SMS will reach the milestone of 30 years of continuous service in December 2022. RCS technology was meant to replace SMS, but it reached some unexpected obstacles. Read our report on the current state of RCS technology deployment and what to expect in the nearest future.

CMS Errors explained

CMS error may occur while sending or receiving SMS messages through a cellular modem. Find a comprehensive list of possible CMS errors.

What is Flash SMS? How Does It Compare to Push Notifications?

Discover the specifics of Flash SMS and its comparison to Push Notifications. Read about its unique features and benefits.

What is MMS Messaging?

Here we’ll explain “what is MMS messaging” along with their special features and usage cases to help you decide whether SMS or MMS would be best for your requirements.