What is Hardware SMS Gateway?

An SMS gateway is a system that allows a computer system to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions to and from a telecommunications network. The process involves several steps, with an SMS gateway system enabling text messages to be sent or received from a computer to a Short Message Service Center (SMCS), which then forwards the messages to mobile phones on its network. An SMS gateway can also convert messages into various formats for cross-platform compatibility, which is useful for sending messages from a computer system. Organizations find SMS gateways particularly useful for sending mass messages regularly, as they require a specific gateway to handle all incoming and outgoing messages.

Moreover, communication with different Short Message Service Centers (SMCS) using various protocols can be difficult to maintain simultaneously while sending the same message. An SMS gateway can resolve this issue by providing multi-protocol support, enabling the sender to deliver messages to various Short Message Service Centers simultaneously. These features make SMS gateways an essential tool for mobile advertising or mobile marketing purposes.


A hardware SMS gateway is a device that enables SMS messages to be sent without an internet connection by directly transmitting them to GSM, 3G or 4G modems. As technology has advanced, built-in 3G or 4G modems have been introduced to make the process more convenient and accessible. Hardware SMS gateways, also known as SMS servers, are designed to manage and handle communication with GSM/SMS subscribers.

In the past, SMS gateways were a novel concept that required dedicated physical hardware. This hardware utilized SIM cards and radios and connected to a computer to function as an SMS gateway. Essentially, this hardware worked like a mobile phone but was only capable of sending SMS messages via the gateway.

Over time, technology has advanced, and SMS gateways have modernized to allow greater flexibility, enabling the sending of bulk messages.

What is a difference between Saas SMS Gateway (service in the cloud) and Hardware SMS Gateway?

Saas SMS Gateway

  • Requires an internet connection
  • SMS content is sent over the Internet
  • Cost per SMS message
  • Does not offer advances software integration or customization
  • Sender ID can be changed
  • Two-way communication is impossible with altered Sender ID

Hardware SMS Gateway

  • No internet needed
  • Content remains within your organization (confidentiality)
  • depends on SIM plan
  • Offers advanced software integration and customization
  • Sender ID can not be changed
  • Two-way communication is always possible

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What do I need to get to start using hardware SMS gateway?

  1. A hardware SMS gateway device: You need to purchase a hardware SMS gateway device that meets your communication requirements.
  2. SIM card: You need a SIM card from a mobile network provider that supports SMS messaging. The SIM card should be inserted into the hardware SMS gateway device to enable it to send and receive text messages.

Here are some typical use scenarios for Web-GUI, API, and Email to SMS:


With a web-GUI, users can send SMS messages directly from a web interface. This use scenario is suitable for businesses that need to send occasional text messages, such as appointment reminders or promotional messages. Users can log in to the web-GUI and send messages to one or more recipients.


An API (Application Programming Interface) allows developers to integrate SMS messaging capabilities into their software applications. This use scenario is suitable for businesses that need to send automated text messages, such as transactional messages or SMS alerts. Developers can use the API to send messages programmatically from their software applications.

Email to SMS

With Email to SMS, users can send SMS messages from their email accounts. This use scenario is suitable for businesses that need to send text messages from their email clients, such as Outlook. Users can send messages by composing an email and sending it to a specific email address associated with the SMS gateway service. The service will then convert the email to an SMS message and send it to the recipient’s phone number.

What is the difference between models?

  1. SMS Throughput: SMS throughput refers to the rate at which an SMS gateway can process and transmit SMS messages. It is measured in SMS messages per second or minute. The higher the SMS throughput of an SMS gateway, the more messages it can handle at any given time. SMS throughput is determined by the capacity of the SMS gateway, the speed of its communication channels, and the processing power of the device.
  2. 3G/4G: 3G and 4G are mobile network technologies used for wireless communication. The main difference between them is the speed and bandwidth they offer. 4G is generally faster and offers higher bandwidth than 3G. In SMS gateways, the use of 3G or 4G affects the speed and reliability of message transmission. An SMS gateway that supports 4G can transmit SMS messages faster and handle more messages simultaneously than an SMS gateway that supports only 3G.
  3. Modem Failover: Modem Failover is a feature that allows an SMS gateway to switch to a backup modem in case the primary modem fails. This feature ensures continuous operation of the SMS gateway and minimizes the risk of downtime or message delivery failure. With Modem Failover, businesses can ensure that their SMS gateway is always operational, even if one of the modems fails. This feature is essential for businesses that rely on SMS messaging for critical communication or operations

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