Network monitoring

This feature provides a versatile monitoring tool that allows you to define, schedule, and send SMS alerts when server or service status changes, ensuring swift responses to maintain high uptime.

With SMSEagle Network Monitoring feature we give you a tool for monitoring your services or servers. Just define what and when should be monitored. SMSEagle will send you SMS alerts when your services/servers go down or up. Be informed immediately, keep reaction time low, and let your customers be happy with your services.

Read how it works…

Define what you want to monitor

  • Choose a name for the task
  • Enter a host (IP address or Hostname)
  • Choose ICMP (ping) to monitor a server with ICMP protocol
  • or PORT (TCP/UDP) to monitor your service on a selected port (SMSEagle will check if port is open)
  • or SNMP to monitor objects (OID) via SNMP protocol (supported return types: numeric, string)
  • Increase a default timeout value for busy servers (by default we set it to 30 seconds)

Define a schedule

  • Choose if task should be always enabled…
  • …or disable it in chosen times
    (during a night, when a machine goes through planned restarts, during resource intensive backups, etc.)
  • Enter a phone number or choose a group of users to send your SMS alert to
  • Select when to send SMS alert (when host/service goes down, when host/service goes up after failure)

Control a status of your tasks

  • See a settings’ overview for all of your tasks
  • Check which server/service is currently unavailable
  • See when a specific server/service was last down (last downtime)
  • Check what happened at last downtime (see server/service response)
  • Edit/delete your tasks
  • Disable tasks when needed (eg. when doing a machine upgrades)

Define a SMS alert message

Define your SMS messages when host or service becomes unavailable/comes back to life. Choose field placeholders for your SMS text:

  • {TASKNAME} – puts a taskname inside SMS text
  • {HOST} – hostname or IP address
  • {RESPONSE} – message received (in case of no response from server/service)
  • {TIMESTAMP} – timestamp of an error

Receive SMS alerts

  • Be alerted when your services/servers go down (or go up after failure)
  • Give yourself a chance to react quickly

Make your customers happy with keeping high uptime ratio 🙂


SNMP trap is a popular mechanism used to manage and monitor devices’ activities across a small or a global network via SNMP. What makes the Trap unique from other messages is that they are triggered instantaneously by an agent, rather than waiting for a status request from the SNMP Manager.

Adding/editing SNMP Traps rule

For each rule a user can define:

  • If a message should be sent “always” or only “for specified IP / when trap contains
  • Set IP, Object ID, SNMP return value and type
  • Recipients of SMS
  • Set a message

Monitoring frequency

Since software version 3.41 monitoring tasks are performed in a parallel mode. Software automatically optimizes number of parallel tasks and frequency of tasks taking into account the performance of the device and adjusts monitoring period when needed.

Do you want to learn more?

For more detailed description of this feature, please refer to the User's Manual or talk to an SMSEagle Expert. We'll be happy to help!