SMS Forward

The SMS Forward feature allows forwarding of incoming SMS messages to one/many recipients according to defined rules.
It is possible to define multiple SMS/MMS forwarding rules, where each rule is independent from others.
Sample screenshot from the plugin configuration.

Adding/editing forwarding rule

For each rule user can define:

  • When incoming SMS should be forwarded (Rule type) and to what number(s) the message should be forwarded (SMS Recipient)
  • When defining a rule user can choose SMS recipient (who gets the forwarded SMS). It can be either phone number or name of group from phone book
  • Message header can be set to include original sender number or not to include.
  • User may define many forwarding rules in the plugin
  • There is a possibility to enable/disable each rule.

Do you want to learn more?

For more detailed description of this feature, please refer to the User's Manual or talk to an SMSEagle Expert. We'll be happy to help!