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Używamy SMSEagle od ponad dwóch lat i zdecydowanie pomogło to naszym zespołom wsparcia lepiej reagować na powiadomienia. Rozwiązanie SMSEagle usprawniło przepływ alertów oraz poprawiło ogólną kontrolę i bezpieczeństwo systemu. Przewidujemy rozszerzenie wykorzystania SMSEagle, aby pomóc w zarządzaniu szybko rozwijającym się środowiskiem IoT i innymi obszarami, takimi jak zarządzanie energią i monitorowanie przemysłowe.Pascal Muckensturm, Information System Architect

Global Leader De Dietrich Utilizes SMS for Efficient Alarms Escalation in Network Monitoring System

Founded in 1684 with headquarters in Alsace, France, and an annual turnover of over €160 million, De Dietrich Process Systems is a global leader offering a wide variety of processing equipment, process solutions, and engineered systems for the fine chemical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. With the goal of improving health and the environment for future generations, De Dietrich focuses on technological innovation in terms of energy efficiency, quality, reliability, safety, and sustainability.

De Dietrich
Company information:

  • Origin: Founded in 1684, with a history in the Jaegerthal forge.
  • Global Presence: Has a significant industrial presence in Asia, Europe, and the USA.
  • Industry Evolution: Transitioned from arms and equipment manufacturing to mechanical and railroad equipment, and later to consumer goods.
  • Automobile Production: Briefly ventured into automobile manufacturing in the late 19th century.
  • Current Focus: Now specializes in process equipment, particularly for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

We use WhatsUp® Gold to monitor our network and IT systems,” says Pascal Muckensturm, Information System Architect at De Dietrich Process Systems, Zinswiller, France, “but needed a solution to send SMS alerts in the event of critical failures.” Developed by Progress Software Corporation, WhatsUp Gold provides indepth visibility into the status and performance of applications, servers, and network devices—on-premises or in the cloud. Recognizing network dependencies, the platform offers context-aware monitoring, correlating alerts, and identifying critical problems for notification via email, SMS, or the web.

With over 1,100 employees providing quality, turn-key solutions worldwide, De Dietrich prides itself in developing lasting relations with clients based on a local presence backed by global support. Delivering entire lifecycle, customized solutions, local teams work with clients and partners from design to development, installation, start-up, and maintenance, ensuring client satisfaction.

The Challenge: Issuing critical alerts for accelerated issue resolution

“As a company that takes pride in ongoing innovation, increased efficiencies, and sustainability,” states Pascal Muckensturm, “we rely heavily on our network and IT systems. Any issue could quickly escalate to the point where our manufacturing and support capabilities are impacted.”

Automatically discovering and mapping the network—including wired, wireless, and virtual environments and device dependencies—WhatsUp Gold provides a complete picture of the network. Customizable, at-a-glance dashboards offer a unified view of all network components, delivering the insights administrators need to predict issues and quickly resolve problems. The system correlates all alerts from across the network, highlighting them on the dashboard according to severity.

“That’s great if you’re sitting in front of the monitor but if the issue is serious and needs to be escalated, you need to be able to contact the relevant people as quickly as possible at any time of the day or night. We needed a reliable SMS solution that would work independently of the Internet to complete the last mile of our alerting system.” (…) “We’ve been using SMSEagle for more than two years, and it’s definitely helped our support teams to be more responsive when alerted. It’s also helped us streamline our alerting workflow and improve the overall control and security of the system.”


Pascal Muckensturm
Information System Architect
De Dietrich

Alerting via reliable, Internet-independent SMS communications

“Our partner integrator Orsenna recommended SMSEagle to complement WhatsUp Gold’s features with SMS alerting,” states Pascal Muckensturm, “and purchased our SMSEagle devices directly from them.” Network monitoring and WhatsUp specialists supplying a comprehensive range of products, services, and training, Orsenna represents SMSEagle in France.

Automating the sending and receiving of SMS messages, SMSEagle is an enterprise hardware SMS gateway supporting global GSM, 3G, and 4G standards and full waveband coverage. Proven to sustain the reliable delivery of 2-way SMS communications, it works independently of third-party providers and bypasses the Internet, sending SMS messages directly to your cellular operator.

Designed and manufactured to work optimally in a wide variety of environments, SMSEagle provides a range of ready-to-use APIs and plugins. The system offers fast, easy integration with existing solutions, systems, and workflows, including a wide variety of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems.

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Relying on local partners for fast, friendly support

“SMSEagle makes it easy for us to send and receive SMS from WhatsUp Gold,” explains Pascal Muckensturm. “The ability to convert email to SMS and SMS to email is beneficial for our operations where we’ve integrated it with our IT workload automation platform. As an example, since we deployed SMSEagle, we’re immediately alerted via SMS of any issues with our end-of-day batching.”

The SMS to email feature can forward incoming messages to either one fixed email address or the last sender’s email. In that case, SMSEagle receives an incoming SMS and verifies whether anyone has previously sent messages to that number. If the last sender is found, the incoming SMS is forwarded to that sender’s email address. If no last sender is located, the incoming message is sent to the default email address provided.

“We’ve been using SMSEagle for more than two years,” says Pascal Muckensturm, “and it’s definitely helped our support teams to be more responsive when alerted. It’s also helped us streamline our alerting workflow and improve the overall control and security of the system. We envisage expanding our use of SMSEagle to help manage our rapidly increasing IoT environment and other areas such as energy management and industrial monitoring.”

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