MEDAX Systems Switches from Asterisk to SMSEagle for Reliable, Scalable SMS Communications

“We previously used Asterisk PBX for VoIP communications,” says Pavel Kamenický, Software Analyst at MEDAX Systems, Czech Republic, “but we had outgrown it.” Created in 1999, Asterisk is an open-source PBX software that spearheaded the development of more affordable phone systems. However, as a cloud-based phone service with limited customization options and reliance on community volunteers for support, it didn’t meet the demands of MEDAX Systems’ fast-expanding client base.

Medax Systems
Company Information:

  • Industry: Computer Systems Design and Related Services.
  • Location: Headquartered in Ostrava, Czech Republic.
  • Founded: March 03, 2008.
  • Employee Count: 20 – 24 (as of 2023).
  • Business Focus: Offers a range of services in the IT sector, focusing on system design and related services

Founded in 2008 with headquarters in Ostrava, Czech Republic, and a  focus on client satisfaction, MEDAX Systems Ltd. leverages its founders and employees’ IT and healthcare expertise to develop software for doctors, dentists, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals. Its flagship product, SmartMEDIX®, manages medical documentation, records assessments and specialized examinations, issues prescriptions, keeps account of the services provided, and supports two-way communication with medical devices.

Fully GDPR-compliant, SmartMEDIX also provides on-line verification of insurance during patient registration, ingests electronic laboratory results, authenticates requests for information from practitioners, and sends claims directly to the relevant insurance company. Automatic syncing replicates information in the cloud and enables the sharing of information between multiple devices with the software installed.

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The Challenge: Sending critical information at scale and with complete confidence

With a finger on their clients’ pulse, MEDAX’s agile development process enables SmartMEDIX to provide practitioners with the information they need—before they need it. In anticipation of the countries COVID-19 vaccination rollout, SmartMEDIX incorporated new features for registered patients’ vaccination plan, together with integration into the country-wide ÚZIS Infectious Diseases Information System.

“In a healthcare environment, issues can be time-sensitive,” states Kamenický. “What we needed was the ability to communicate directly with our clients at any time without having to rely on an internet connection. Whether alerting them to critical software issues, sending out update notices, or notifying them of upcoming releases, we needed a way to send out reliable communications at scale with complete confidence our messages would be received.”

Delivering maintenance-free, high-throughput SMS communications

“I found out about SMSEagle via IT AWACS’ Google adverts,” states Kamenický, “and purchased our SMSEagle devices directly from them.” Offering a comprehensive IT services portfolio, IT AWACS—an abbreviation for IT Advanced Watch And Control System—is a value-added reseller for SMSEagle in the Czech Republic.

Supporting global GSM, 3G, and 4G standards and full waveband coverage, SMSEagle is a professional hardware SMS gateway for automating the sending and receiving of SMS messages. Designed for reliability and stability, it works independently of third-party providers and bypasses the Internet, sending SMS messages directly to your cellular operator.

SMSEagle’s 3G and 4G eight modem devices send and receive up to 240 SMS/min, with some customers reporting a throughput of over 20,000 SMS/hour. It has a modern, responsive Linux web-interface and database backend onboard and built-in modems with watchdog mechanisms. In addition to supporting modem and multi-modem failover within a single device, multiple devices can be configured in an HA cluster for device failover.

“The latest eight-modem device rack version is great and maintenance-free. We’ve been using SMSEagle for SMS communications for more than three years and send tens of thousands of messages every month without any problems.”

Pavel Kamenický
Software Analyst
MEDAX Systems

Relying on local partners for fast, friendly support

“SMSEagle support in the Czech Republic is most refreshing,” says Kamenický. “IT AWACS helped us to configure the gateway to meet our specific requirements, such as automatically archiving old SMS messages. They also assisted with the integration of our customer relationship management (CRM) platform.”

Designed and manufactured to work optimally in a wide variety of environments, SMSEagle provides a range of ready-to-use APIs and plugins for fast, easy integration with existing solutions, systems, and workflows, including a variety of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems.

“We chose SMSEagle because of its affordability, functionality, easy-to-use API integration, and the simplicity of the user interface,” says Kamenický, “and we haven’t been disappointed. We’ve been using SMSEagle for SMS communications for more than three years and send tens of thousands of messages every month without any problems.”

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