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Streamlining Listener Interaction: How Radio Kerry Transformed Communication with SMSEagle’s Hardware SMS Gateway

Radio Kerry, established in 1989 and officially on air since July 14, 1990, stands as a prominent full-service, licensed radio station within the scenic franchise area of County Kerry in Southwest Ireland. The station’s headquarters are situated in Tralee, the primary town of County Kerry, with an additional studio in the picturesque town of Killarney.

Radio Kerry
Company Information:

  • Broadcast Area: County Kerry, Ireland.
  • First Air Date: July 14, 1990.
  • Headquarters: Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland, with additional offices and studios in Killarney.
  • Programming: Offers a mix of adult contemporary music, local news, sports, and specialist programs.
  • Awards: Multiple awards including PPI Local Station of the Year and McNamee GAA Award.

Radio Kerry operates 24 hours a day, featuring a diverse mix of live music and talk programs from 7 am to 11 pm daily, transitioning to music throughout the night from 1 am to 7 am. Broadcasting on five frequencies across the FM spectrum, Radio Kerry has become a vital and influential voice in the region’s media landscape.

The Problem: Enhancing Listener Interaction and Real-time Communication

In adopting SMSEagle’s hardware SMS gateway, Radio Kerry aimed to leverage how listeners interaction and real-time communication was conducted; during heavy traffic periods like competitions, when many listers send SMS answers in relatively short period of time their old SMS solution was prone to crashing which had knock on effects for their sales department and advertisers. The station was searching for a reliable and secure solution, which will help to streamline the communication processes, manage competition SMS answers and listener comments.  

After online research Radio Kerry came across SMSEagle’s offer. To ensure the hardware SMS gateway fit their needs, we’ve provided a 14-days free trial. This hands-on experience allowed the radio station to evaluate features and make an informed choice, solidifying SMSEagle as their preferred SMS communication solution. 

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Solution: SMSEagle Hardware Gateway

Utilizing the SMSEagle SMS/MMS Gateway, Radio Kerry streamlined operations seamlessly. The straightforward integration process, connecting the gateway to the network with minimal configuration, enabled the NXS-9700 4G to efficiently receive and transform SMS messages into easily readable emails. 

Responsive Support for Successful Deployment

Choosing SMSEagle over other solutions was influenced by the company’s responsive support. When Radio Kerry encountered an issue with email authentication, SMSEagle’s quick and effective support played a crucial role in resolving the problem, ensuring a successful deployment of the NXS-9700 4G. 

“During heavy traffic periods like competitions our old SMS solution was prone to crashingThis had knock on effects for our sales department and advertisersReliability was a key factor in choosing SMSEagleI am happy to say we no longer have any issues due to heavy traffic. (…) I am really impressed with the SMSEagle NXS-9700 4G and the support I receivedI am now considering deploying SMSEagle into our site management and monitoring environment.”

Trevor Galvin - Radio Kerry

Trevor Galvin
Engineering & IT Manager
Radio Kerry

Ensuring Reliability and Business Continuity

Since adopting SMSEagleRadio Kerry reports that they do not encounter issues related system malfunctioning when multiple messages are received in the short period of time; the gateway’s robust performance has eliminated the risk of system crashes during peak periods, ensuring uninterrupted communication and interaction with the listeners. This enhanced reliability during heavy-traffic events like competitions, but it has also positively impacted Radio Kerry’s wider business objectives. 

The stability provided by SMSEagle has bolstered their overall operational efficiency, contributing to a seamless and dependable communication system that supports various departments, including sales and advertising, without disruptions. 

In summary, SMSEagle SMS/MMS Gateway emerged as a reliable, user-friendly, and secure solution enhancing listener engagement, and contributing to overall business success. 

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